ST Podcast: Will we see two mad queens on Game Of Thrones?

Join The Watch: Podcast host Jonathan Roberts (bending the knee) is joined by various emissaries from the different kingdoms of The Straits Times - (from left) Melissa Heng, Hairianto Diman, Olivia Ho, Jan Lee and S Sakthivel

Join The Watch Ep 4: Two Mad Queens - What do we do with a problem like Daenerys?

23 spoiler-laden minutes

Poor old Daenerys.

Not a good episode for her. Her lack of tactics have cost her dearly, she's angry and there may not be enough people to hold her back.

Cersei has been playing the long game, but she has close to zero concern for anyone who isn't her.

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Host Jonathan Roberts is joined by ST's Olivia Ho, Jan Lee, Melissa Heng and S Sakthivel.

They discuss the big moments of S8E4 and ask if it's not GenYa, is it now GenNah?

And who could be so heartless that they ghost Ghost?

That's as much as we'll say here. You'll have to listen to get the spoilers.

The final season of Game Of Thrones premieres in Singapore on HBO (Starhub TV Ch 601/ Singtel TV Ch 420) and can be streamed on HBO GO app.

Valar morghulis.

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Produced by: Jonathan Roberts

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