ST Podcast: The real star of Aladdin

Double Feature movie review Aladdin Disney Zac Efron

Double Feature Movie Podcast | The real star of Aladdin is...

A magical 16-minute carpet ride

Double Feature looks at Star Wars taking on the trolls, Disney's latest exercise in animation-to-human conversion Aladdin and Zac Efron remembering he's a good actor.

At the 1.58 mark, Jonathan Roberts and The New Paper's Joanne Soh discuss Will Smith's Arabian Nights Bollywood-tinged longer-than-the-original extravaganza. But who is the film's saving grace?

At 12.25, we review Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, the true-life tale of serial killer Ted Bundy. An extraordinary story because Bundy proved so charming that he had female fans at his trial. This film also marks Zac Efron's return to acting. He's been in film's before this but it seems now he's actually remembered he can act.

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