ST Podcast: Is John Wick Chapter 3 too in love with its stunts?

John Wick Chapter 3, review, Double Feature movie podcast, Keanu Reeves

Double Feature Movie Podcast: A new Batman and the joy of violence in John Wick 3

Duration: 14 bone-crunching minutes

Double Feature looks at the new flutterings in the Batcave.

R-Patz is the new Bruce Wayne.

Is host Jonathan Roberts and The New Paper's Joanne Soh for or against the former Twilight star becoming the new Bruce Wayne?

At the 3.40 mark, John Wick Chapter 3 is reviewed, though is the world's favourite dog-devoted assassin in trouble? Of course, he faces a huge range of killers but is the film putting stunt work above plot and story?

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Produced by: Jonathan Roberts

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