Source of encouragement to mums with meltdowns

I would like Clara Chow to know that I appreciate her article Mums Have Meltdowns Too, Let's Just Move On (Life, April 23) very much.


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It resonates with me. I am 60 years old and my kids are grown-ups, but I remember how I used to lose it too at times.

Today, I went to a friend's home to tutor her 11-year-old child. I found my friend at the void deck of her flat,  looking sad.

She cried as she related how she had yelled all morning at her family and that she was a bad mother. I consoled her as best as I could.

On returning home, I read Chow's article and shared it with my friend. Thank you for your frank article. I am sure many mothers will be encouraged by it.

P. Varadarajulu

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