Some Jay Chou fans lament at later concert date, say they have made travel plans

SINGAPORE - Taiwanese pop superstar Jay Chou's Singapore concert on Nov 8 at the National Stadium will be postponed to Dec 27.

This is to allow the Suzuki Cup tournament organised by the Asean Football Federation to be held at the same venue from Nov 23. The federation stipulates a minimum 15-day rest period for the pitch before the month-long tournament commences. During that time, no activity is supposed to be conducted on the field.

The latest announcement comes on the heels of an ongoing saga over the condition of the grass at the stadium.As recently as Monday (Oct 13), Chou's Opus 2 Jay 2014 World Tour concert was scheduled to go on as planned on Nov 8. But following complaints about the pitch in the wake of the Brazil-Japan football friendly on Tuesday, officials called for a meeting to deliberate over the upcoming events to be held at the stadium.

Public relations executive Sheryl Leong, 25, has bought her ticket to Chou's concert. She says: "I'm still going for the show, no matter what the day it is on. It's an unforeseen circumstance and I guess the stadium officials are doing what they can.

"However, the concert is quite a big event. It's just a month or so away from the concert. I foresee a lot of complaints if people have made plans for holidays."

In fact, another Chou fan Priscilla Chan, 22, had made plans to go to Europe during the Christmas season. She was about to book her plane tickets tonight, but now intends to change her flight dates so that she can still attend the concert.

Ms Chan, who is studying at the Singapore Institute of Technology, says: "I was shocked and disappointed when I heard the news of the postponement of the concert. It's my dream to see Jay Chou once in a lifetime, and this would have been my first time.

"I think it's not fair to us. Jay Chou is busy and concert-goers may have made holiday plans because it's the Christmas period. If the stadium is meant to hold sports events, they should have taken (the grass) into consideration."

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