Simon Yam 'forced' to drink soup to recuperate, Kenneth Ma not afraid to hold concerts despite attack on Yam

While Simon Yam (left) has since said he will be selective about future public appearances in the wake of the attack, Hong Kong celebrity Kenneth Ma has been holding concerts in China. PHOTOS: LIANHE WANBAO, BIGWHITEDUEL / INSTAGRAM

Simon Yam does not like drinking soup but his wife Qi Qi is not taking no for an answer.

Not when she has gone online to learn how to brew soups that can help the 64-year-old actor recuperate faster.

Yam was attacked on stage by a man wielding a knife at a promotional event in Zhongshan in southern China on July 20.

After an initial operation on wounds suffered to his abdomen and hand, he was transferred to Adventist Hospital in Hong Kong where he was further treated in a bid to halt any permanent damage to nerves in his fingers.

Since his discharge, he has been resting at home where Qi Qi said she and their daughter are competing to prepare soups for him.

Speaking to the media earlier in the week after attending an event hosted by a makeup brand, the supermodel said she was cutting back on commercial commitments so that she could devote more time to her husband.

Asked if Yam felt bored at home, she revealed that he was actually lapping up all the attention from family, including their dog.

He is also undergoing physical therapy.

Still, he has expressed a wish to get back to work soon, including doing promotions for an upcoming movie called Little Q, reported Oriental Daily.

The film tracks the relationship between a blind man and his guide dog.

Qi Qi also said that Yam had told his assistants not to call her after he was attacked.

She found out about the incident only from a Weibo post while she was at the airport waiting to fly from Beijing to Shanghai.

Eventually, the boss of the agency which handles Yam made the decision that she had to be told since the hospital would need her clearance to operate on the actor.

While Yam has since said he would be selective about future public appearances in the wake of the attack, another Hong Kong celebrity, Kenneth Ma, is not beating a retreat.

The TVB actor, who is taking a break after filming drama Big White Duel, has been holding concerts in China.

"Security is tight, and fans aren't allowed to go on stage. So I can only shake their hands with them as I sing on stage," he was cited by portal as saying.

Fans believe that he is more put off over having to still deal with questions and speculation about his relationship with TVB actress Jacqueline Wong, after she was caught kissing singer Andy Hui in April.

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