S.H.E's Ella Chen tries on sexy image to promote her first solo album

Taiwanese singer Ella Chen, 33, has shed her top - and her squeaky clean image - for her first solo album, Why Not. In the album trailer, the S.H.E star removes her blouse to reveal a black bra for a few seconds.

"I had so many fashionable outfits in that video and people choose to focus on the scene where I took off my top. Looks like everyone has a cheeky side to them," she says in mock exasperation.

Clearly, she is enjoying hamming it up as a sex symbol. In town on Friday to promote the album, she had her minders take reporters to a hotel suite, where she was waiting, posed in a sensuous sprawl across a table, to greet reporters.

While the chatty Chen was keen to rattle on about her new album throughout the 40-minute interview, she did not mind talking about her husband, either.

In 2012, Chen, a member of A-list pop trio S.H.E, tied the knot with 38-year-old Malaysian Alvin Lai, whom she describes as a "salaryman".

He gave his blessings for her bra top shot and was even present during the shoot. But she adds: "He doesn't want me to do too risque scenes, and I can't bring myself to do it, either. I can't imagine myself french-kissing a male actor, or having the guy rip my clothes off.

"I'm already a married woman. I wouldn't be able to face my in-laws. And what would my own parents say?"

Why Not is out in stores and on iTunes.

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