S.H.E star Selina Jen, lawyer Richard Chang finalise divorce: Report

Pop star Selina Jen (left) and lawyer Richard Chang. PHOTOS: HIM INTERNATIONAL

TAIPEI - Pop star Selina Jen and lawyer Richard Chang completed their divorce on Wednesday (April 27), putting the seal on the end of their nine-year relationship, said Apple Daily.

The report, quoting unnamed sources, said the divorce was finalised more than a month after Jen, 34, and Chang, 43, announced that they were ending their four-year marriage.

They have no children, and there will be no alimony payments, added the report.

Jen's record label HIM said of the divorce on Thursday: "It's been registered, thank you for your concern."

A few days ago, Chang completed his move out of the couple's apartment in Shilin District, said the report.

They married on Jen's 30th birthday in 2011, one year after she was badly burnt during a filming accident and started on the long road to rehabilitation.

But issues surfaced in their marriage, said Apple Daily.

Apparently, they slept in separate rooms as Jen had to wear pressure garments - bodysuits to promote healing of her skin - and Chang was worried about pressing against her.

In a portentous episode of the talk show Mr Con & Ms Csi last year, she complained about their differences.

She said she felt like a servant, cleaning up after a husband who would not put his dirty clothes into a laundry basket, for instance. He did not like her dog, Pinky, and when it peed, he would place a napkin on the mess and wait for his wife to come home and clean the floor.

She said she did not share his interests, and only pretended to be interested when he told her about basketball strategy.

When they announced their break-up on Facebook last month, he echoed her interview. He said they would be happier as siblings than as a couple. He wrote: "She likes to watch variety shows and dramas. I am locked into news and sports channels. Slowly we became parallel lines."

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