S.H.E shine in a no-frills concert focused on their songs

Taiwanese girl group S.H.E members (from left) Hebe Tien, Selina Jen and Ella Chen at a 2014 concert in Kaohsiung.
Taiwanese girl group S.H.E members (from left) Hebe Tien, Selina Jen and Ella Chen at a 2014 concert in Kaohsiung.PHOTO: HIM INTERNATIONAL

SINGAPORE - Taiwanese idol singer Aaron Yan's equal concert billing with girl group S.H.E was of little consequence to the fans - there was no question whom they had come to see on Tuesday night (Nov 10) at the Indoor Stadium.

It did not help that the vermillion suit Yan wore was the most memorable thing about his segment. That, and the backing vocalist who outshone him on the English duet Don't You Wanna Stay.

Yan was simply floundering all the way through his 45-minute segment as he had problems with pitching and hitting the high notes.

Tellingly, the biggest response from the audience came when he announced his last song, Unstoppable Sun. The title of a ballad he performed earlier, Duo Yu De Wo (Unnecessary Me), turned out to be uncomfortably close to the truth.

The two-and-a-half-hour show took off the moment Selina Jen, Hebe Tien and Ella Chen came on stage with the stomper Super Star.

Unlike their 2gether 4ever concert here in October 2013, this was not a full-fledged affair. Instead, it was a no-frills gig without even a change of costumes: Jen was in a peppy and colourful ensemble, Chen was in a sassy short dress and Tien wore a graceful long skirt.

But it was packed with hits picked from their debut album Girl's Dorm (2001) all the way to their last release Blossomy (2012), and that was enough for the fans.

In recent years, the women have ventured off in different directions with their other projects.

Chen is starring in a play in Taipei while Jen is hosting a show about food and health. All three of them have also released full-length albums on their own, with Tien probably enjoying most successful as a solo artist. She is working on her fourth album and will be holding her solo show in Singapore on March 5.

Urged by her group-mates, Tien gave a sneak preview of the upcoming gig by singing the chorus of her latest hit, A Little Happiness, the theme song for the box-office champ Our Times (2015).

Given their various commitments, it is clear that they relish each opportunity they get to share the stage as a trio. They were comfortable and relaxed and their chemistry came through in their good-natured ribbing and bantering.

When Chen attempts to make some point by saying that they all sleep in separate beds, Tien quips: "Of course we do. If not, I would be sleeping with your hubby."

There was also a moment of surprise when singer-songwriter Yoga Lin was announced as a guest star. It turned out to be Chen doing an exaggerated imitation of his nasal style of singing.

Many of the 7,500 fans had grown up with the trio's songs and they sang along fervently, even to the lesser known numbers.

Impressed and touched, the group thanked the crowd for letting them be a part of their youth. And Jen made a plea for S.H.E to be part of their middle age and old age as well.

They want to be your stars forever.