Shania Twain returns to music with optimism

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Shania Twain explains her hiatus from the music industry and how she's turning her pain into optimism.

CALIFORNIA (REUTERS) - Shania Twain makes a return to the charts with an optimistic take on life.

Her first album in 15 years is about to land and it marks the various trials and tribulations the singer songwriter has experienced in her time away, from her marriage break-up to her struggles with Lyme Disease.

"The album is really about a place that I've come to and I've been for longer than I'd like in a transition period or a transition phase and I'm just so relieved that I'm finally here now on the other side of that so I'm on the other side of the phase, the transition and so I thought it was really fitting to call the album Now as this is where I've landed," said Shania.

Shania split with her husband Robert Lange, who also produced and co-wrote her songs with her. Now, she is doing it alone.

"Well it was important to exercise independence because I'd been collaborating for so long with my ex-husband and it was a new beginning and an opportunity to do it alone and not just let my fears take over and jump to the comfort of getting feedback and sharing the responsibility with anyone else," Shania added.

Now, as the title track from the album suggests, Shania's life is about to get good.

"I ended up in a movie with John Travolta and in this dramatic experience that I never even thought would ever happen and this has all just come out of just a phase that was a transition for me. So hey! I'm feeling good," Shania said.

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