Seungri could get two to three years' jail, says lawyer


SEOUL • Seungri has not been arrested yet, but that has not stopped speculation over what lies ahead for him.

The former BigBang singer has been booked for various offences, from procuring sexual favours for would-be investors to sharing an obscene photograph.

There is also talk that he and Yuri Holdings chief executive Yoo In-suk embezzled money from their club, Monkey Museum.

As the authorities step up their probe, netizens have started debating whether the singer has to pay a heavy price for his alleged misdeeds.

Dwelling on this matter on KBS show Entertainment Relay last week, lawyer Kim Kwang-sam said the 28-year-old could be jailed for two to three years. He noted that the offences that the singer was booked for "aren't crimes that receive long sentences".

"Even if he is given a sentence, it'll be two to three years and there's a possibility he'll be able to get probation instead."

But the eventual punishment will depend on what new evidence the police can unearth.

News outlet Ilyo Shinmun previously reported that prostitutes were procured for Seungri's birthday party in the Philippines in 2017.


They allegedly received four million won (S$4,730) each.

Last Sunday, broadcaster Channel A provided an update on the police investigation, revealing that eight women who attended the singer's birthday party were professional escorts.

The authorities confirmed that Seungri took care of their travel expenses, though he also insisted that he paid the bills for everyone who attended the Philippines bash.

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