Seize chance to help kids bond

I refer to the column, Building Sibling Love Through Shared Activities (Life, May 7).

My two boys, aged 15 and 13, have "provided" me many opportunities to help them treasure and love each other over the years.

I left my full-time teaching job six years ago as I felt the need to be with them during their crucial developmental years.

As they entered their teens, I had to find the most appropriate methods to achieve the goal of "caring for each other".

When buying snacks for tea break, I buy an unequal number of the same type of snacks or one of each type of snack, for instance. I leave it to the boys to decide what to eat and how many to eat.

It is very pleasing to note that they ask each other which one the other prefers, an act of kindness.

At times, when one is absent, I remind my other son to leave some snacks for his sibling.

Another good opportunity to help them care for and love each other is through playing board games such as monopoly, where they can give one another the chance to win.

I even have them teaming up halfway through the game to play against me. It is amazing to see how they work together.

Many times, we as parents must seize the opportunities to allow our kids to love and care for each other. Very importantly, we must be role models.

Chew Huay Huay

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