Ruby Lin, Blue Lan and Mickey Huang win Golden Bell Awards, Huang reunites with two ex-girlfriends

(From left) Blue Lan wins Best Actor at the Golden Bell Awards. Behind him are Vic Chou, Ariel Lin and Chen Bo-lin.
(From left) Blue Lan wins Best Actor at the Golden Bell Awards. Behind him are Vic Chou, Ariel Lin and Chen Bo-lin. PHOTO: GOLDEN BELL AWARDS/YOUTUBE

TAIPEI - The Way We Were, a will-they-won't-they love story that spans 16 summers, had a triumphant showing at Taiwan's Golden Bell Awards on Saturday, with three victories for Best Drama, Director and Supporting Actress.

Ruby Lin, who produced and starred in the show, got to go on stage for the top prize, Best Drama, after losing out to Chu Chih-ying for Best Actress.

Turning to the cast and crew on the stage with her, Lin said: "Do you remember we said, if we win the award, we'll go vegetarian for a month?"

Blue Lan won Best Actor for the romance Apple In Your Eye. In the small world that is Taiwanese television, he accepted the award from actor Vic Chou, a fellow former boyfriend of actress Barbie Hsu.

Lan thanked his wife, actress Jade Chou, for appearing in his life at its lowest point, marrying him and giving birth to their daughter, said Apple Daily. He told the child: "It's okay if you don't want daddy. Be filial to mummy."

Chu, who had a role in the 2007 film Lust, Caution, won Best Actress for the Hakka drama Brave Forward. Suda Voyu won Best Supporting Actor for the crime drama CSIC: I Hero.

Tiffany Hsu won Best Supporting Actress for her role as a lesbian in The Way We Were. She did not thank her former boyfriend, actor Ethan Juan, said Apple Daily.

The quality of variety shows had been a topic of intense discussion surrounding the ceremony, which is Taiwan's answer to the Emmys. Announcing the nominees last month, the jury said they had difficulty coming up with a shortlist for Best Variety Show because of the entries' lack of creativity and depth. They nominated three shows instead of the usual five.

An angry Jacky Wu, who had threatened to turn up last Saturday night as a "Golden Bell assasin", kept his promise, said Apple Daily. Presenting Best Variety Show, he had sharp words for the jury, accusing them of "insulting the entire entertainment industry".

Mickey Huang won both Best Variety Show and Variety Show Host for the chart countdown show Global Chinese Music.

He gave a shout-out to his girlfriend, actress Summer Meng: "Let's find the time to tie the knot."

Later, in a segment that perhaps proved the jury's point, he and his former girlfriend Bowie Tsang were summoned to the stage for yet another episode of his 15-year split saga with host Dee Hsu.

Hsu - who made up with Huang on her show Mr Con & Ms Csi early this year more than a decade after he left her for Tsang - asked her co-host Kevin Tsai to take a photo of the trio. Hsu and Tsang gave their blessing to Huang's marriage plans, before Hsu asked him: "Bowie and me, whom did you love more?" He did not answer Hsu.

For the record, Meng did not agree to marry Huang, said Apple Daily. Speaking through her agent, she congratulated him, but said marriage was something to be discussed further.