Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to open in Japan

NEW YORK •The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is planning its first international expansion with a branch in Japan, the world's largest music market after the United States.

The shrine to rock culture, which runs a popular museum in Cleveland in the US and each year runs gala induction ceremonies to recognise artists for their life's work, said it would hold a first exhibition in Tokyo in September.

The Hall of Fame will later find a permanent home in Japan that will feature its own content and exhibitions that travel from the US.

Mr Greg Harris, the Hall of Fame's president and chief executive, said rock 'n' roll "is a universal language". He added: "Japan is the second-largest music market in the world, making it the perfect place for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's first international expansion."

With its fan and collector culture, Japan has been a welcoming home for Western rock acts for decades.

Japan remains a comparative stronghold of CD sales at a time when digital music has taken over much of the world market.

The museum in Cleveland, which was designed by famous American-Chinese architect I.M. Pei and rolled out in 1995, has become a top tourist draw.


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