Revealing Game Of Thrones secrets can lead to job loss for the actor

Jimmy Kimmel grills Kit Harington for Game of Thrones spoilers.VIDEO: JIMMY KIMMEL/YOUTUBE

NEW YORK (WP) - On Game Of Thrones, Kit Harington plays Jon Snow, a central character whom many fans think may be killed off.

The show's fifth season, in fact, ended with Snow being stabbed, with the audience not knowing if he had died or got injured. During the next year, obsessive fans kept close watch on Harington's whereabouts. Paparazzi flocked to the sets.

Learning from the experience, the GoT crew reportedly filmed decoy scenes when filming season seven, which premiered on Sunday night. "We did fake some scenes," Harington said to Jimmy Kimmel during a recent appearance on his show.

"We put together people in situations where we knew the paparazzi was around so they'd take photos."

The questions have not slowed down for Harington. Recently Kimmel sneakily asked when he would begin filming season eight, hoping to catch the actor off-guard.

But after seven years, Harington is a pro."Ahh, well, you see, that was sly," he responded. "Nice try."

Arguably no show works harder to avoid spoilers. The producers guard its plot points with the same fervour the show's characters chase that coveted iron throne.

Paper scripts were eliminated for fear that they could be easily leaked. When discussing certain characters and scenes, the show's staff often uses code names.

The crew even watch for drones that could be photographing their sets.

The actors do not even get to see the episodes until they air, and are forbidden to share any plot points.

All of them have their own methods to avoid saying the wrong thing.

Conleth Hill, who portrays Lord Varys, told Access Hollywood: "I used to make things up just to see if people would buy it."

Saying the wrong thing can be professionally devastating.

Take Gemma Whelan, the actress whose breakout role portraying Yara Greyjoy was almost yanked from her because she let the casting news slip.

Many who work on the show said they are infuriated by leaks."You think about all the work you do," Adian Gillen, who plays Littlefinger, told Entertainment Weekly. "I'd never say anything to anybody - even my closest family members. I take security very seriously."