Real story behind song

Chinese balladeer Della Ding Dang (above) on how her beau broke her heart. -- PHOTO: ROCK RECORDS
Chinese balladeer Della Ding Dang (above) on how her beau broke her heart. -- PHOTO: ROCK RECORDS

Singer Della Ding Dang's breakout song mirrors her sad experience with a cheating boyfriend

There is a cruel truth behind Chinese balladeer Della Ding Dang's breakout song I Love You (2009), the theme song of popular Taiwanese idol drama Autumn's Concerto (2009).

The heart-rending scene of the 31-year-old singer catching her cheating boyfriend red-handed in the music video is her real-life story.

"I wanted to surprise my boyfriend with a birthday cake, but I found him with another woman," says the Zhejiang-born, Taiwan-based singer.

"I thought I would spring a surprise on him. Instead, he gave me a surprise."

She was in Singapore last Friday to promote her latest and sixth album, Dare To Love.

The two-disc set has 10 new songs and 10 drama serial soundtracks and theme songs, including I Love You and Helpless (Shen Bu You Ji) from Scarlet Heart 2 (2014), the sequel to the 2011 Chinese time-travel hit, Scarlet Heart.

Drawing on personal experiences or using her imagination are ways for her to bring out the emotions of a song.

Ding Dang, who is currently single and whose real name is Wu Xian, says: "I usually imagine a person in the recording studio is crying over a heart break. I would muster up my emotions as I want to use my voice to comfort the person."

When it comes to mending her own broken heart, the bubbly singer chooses to pack her bags and go travelling.

She says: "Travelling is a great way to relax and get over a broken relationship. You can explore the vastness of the world. Who knows, you might even meet a good guy in a foreign country."

Did she have a romantic encounter during her recent 10-day trip to Barcelona?

"I wanted to, but I had no time," she says with a laugh. "Our schedule was packed. We had to shoot two music videos. We also had to take promotional shots for the album.

"I've taken note of the good sightseeing spots and the good food to eat in Barcelona. I'll be prepared when I go there with my loved one next time."

She may not have snagged a hot Spanish man but she did encounter a romantic sight in Barcelona - a couple kissing passionately by a fountain.

"They were really into each other. My fellow female staff and I were amused. At the same time, I thought to myself, how nice it would be if I had a partner by my side too," she says.

It is unlikely that wedding bells will be ringing soon for her. She used to harbour dreams of settling down at the age of 25 before she made her showbiz debut in 2007.

This year, on top of album promotions, she embarked on an ongoing world tour, which has taken her to concert venues such as the Taipei Arena and Hong Kong Coliseum.

She says: "My mum gave me the deadline to marry by the age of 30. Oops, looks like I've missed that deadline now that I'm past the 30-year mark. Now I just want to enjoy my work."

Dare To Love is out in stores.