Rapper Psy's new album out on Dec 1

South Korean singer Psy.
South Korean singer Psy.

SEOUL • South Korean singer Psy is set to release his first album in more than three years, with the Gangnam Style star vowing a return "to his roots", his agency said yesterday.

The quirky singer-rapper catapulted into global stardom in 2012 when his music video, with its invisible horse-riding dance, went viral.

It remains the most-watched video of all time on YouTube with more than 2.4 billion views.

But the two singles he has released since - Gentleman in April 2013 and Hangover in collaboration with American rapper Snoop Dogg in June last year - received relatively lukewarm responses.

Now the 37-year-old is set to release his new album on Dec 1 - the first since July 2012 - YG Entertainment said in a statement.

"Psy said late last year that he would 'go back to his roots and return with a new album' and anticipation is running high," the statement said.

Before Gangnam Style conquered the world, Psy was already an established artist in South Korea, with a reputation for provocative lyrics and rambunctious stage performances peppered with profanity and fuelled by numerous bottles of soju.

Some fans felt the singer lost his edge after travelling the world, riding the Gangnam Style wave and being feted by everyone from world leaders to sports stars and business tycoons.

At the time, he himself voiced his fatigue. "Sometimes, honestly, yes, I get tired or I get sick of it," he said in Singapore, during one of his endless overseas promotional stops.

He has kept a low profile for the past year while working on the new album - the seventh since he started his music career in 2001.


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