Rainie Yang finds her 'youth' again at 35

The singer joined show business at 16 and was under pressure to perform. But now, she feels more confident of herself

Taiwanese star Rainie Yang said she has given creative input for her show here and hopes to showcase more aspects of herself.
Taiwanese star Rainie Yang said she has given creative input for her show here and hopes to showcase more aspects of herself.PHOTO: LIVE NATION SINGAPORE

At age 16, Rainie Yang became a member of the Taiwanese quartet 4 In Love, known for their doll-like voices and cutesy personas. The girl group disbanded in 2002 after a mere two years.

That early bump in the road has not hurt Yang's career.

Having recorded 10 albums and hits such as Ambiguous Love and Ideal Lover, the 35-year-old singeractress will mark her 20th year in show business next year.

Despite spending her teenage years working and having her personal life scrutinised by the public - from her high school romance with Taiwanese singer Alien Huang to her marriage to Chinese singer Li Ronghao last month - Yang does not regret entering the industry so early in life.

Ahead of her upcoming concert at The Star Theatre on Nov 9, she told Singapore media: "My youth was very different from other people. I lost a lot, but I also gained much. Even now, I consider my time in 4 In Love very memorable."

During the Hong Kong leg of her current tour last year, her former bandmates - Cloudie Ling, Sunnie Huang and Windie Chang - appeared on stage as guests to sing with her 1001 Wishes, the group's best-known song.

Yang said of her time in the group: "It was most unforgettable - the whole idea of four girls fighting hard, supporting one another and having dreams for the future."



    WHERE: 04-01 The Star Theatre, 1 Vista Exchange Green

    WHEN: Nov 9, 7pm

    ADMISSION: $108 to $198 from Apactix (go to apactix.com or call 3158-8588)

For her gig here, she said she hoped to showcase more aspects of herself. She had given creative input for various aspects, such as the set list, stage and video. "In the past, I was just in charge of performing. I didn't have the chance to use my own ideas and felt pressure to execute someone else's plan. This time, I am more involved. So the show will feel a lot more like Rainie Yang."

Her previous two concert tours - Whimsical World and Love Voyage - came to Singapore in 2010 and 2013 respectively.

Given the show's theme of youth, Yang said youth should not be seen as something that is in the past.

"Youth can also be in the present. A lot of people are living their youth. To me, youth is a stage in life when one has a lot of time.

"In the past, I gave a lot of my 'youth' to work. Now that I am older, I am slowly finding my 'youth' again. Nonetheless, one's youth is something which must be treasured."

At her age, she feels more confident of herself and "more like an adult". She said: "When I was around 30, I felt that was a time of finding myself. I thought I knew what I wanted, but there was also a sense that I was lost, so I wanted to discover myself again. Now, I feel more able to let go of some things."

As for the future, she is keen to act in a stage musical or play. She said: "Something live. I've been saying this for many years. Hopefully, it will come true."

She added: "I've been very fortunate. I am very happy that over the years, fans have supported and stood by me. Although I like acting and singing, without their encouragement, it'd have been very hard to carry on."

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