Psy unveils parts of new song

SEOUL • South Korean rapper Psy unveiled portions of his new song Good Day Will Come during his live-streamed V show last Saturday night.

He has revealed some tracks of his new album during his exclusive V show titled Psy Little Television, which started last Tuesday. The six-day show ended last night.

Introducing Good Day Will Come, which offers a hopeful message, Psy, who shot to fame with Gangnam Style in 2012, said: "This is a story I want to deliver to struggling people."

He also shared his own struggles and how he overcame them.

"I was initially unable to overcome the weight (of making another hit song) as a producer of Gangnam Style and couldn't release any songs for the past two years," he said.

"(Due to the pressure), I lost interest in music and even thought of giving up making songs," he added.

But he eventually overcame the pressure with the thought that, while people may fall, if they keep being down, that would mark a failure.

During the show, he read comments from fans and chatted with them. When a fan asked whether he thinks he is cool, the 37-year-old said: "All celebrities may think they are handsome or pretty, but I have never thought that I look nice for the past 15 years."

Still, he added: "But as a specialist, I once thought I was sexy."

He is to unveil the songs and music videos of his seventh album tomorrow.

He is also set to meet his fans at his three-day concert All Night Stand 2015, which kicks off on Dec 24.


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