Polished debut album by versatile singer

Even before she released Honestly Me, local singer Boon Hui Lu had hit songs to her name as she composed the music for tracks such as Taiwanese singer Hebe Tien's Every Day Is A Miracle.

On her own polished debut album, the 25-year-old shows off a wider range of what she can do as a songwriter.

Tears is a radio-friendly ballad with a poignant turn of phrase as she sings, "My greatest regret/Is not losing you, but you losing me", while the Gothic drama of You Hai (Better When It's Worse) takes flight as she soars into the high end of her register.

She proves to be a versatile performer as well.

Boon grooves on synth-pop track I Wonder Why before busting out into a rap: "My world has opened up because of him/Why care about the size of his home."

Also making an impression is the duet The Superwoman League with fellow Singaporean singer Janice Yan, a pop-rock number about making a difference: "Anyone can have burning passion, sunny smiles/When the world turns bad and ugly, save it with goodness."

While the lyrics can sometimes be better finessed, she certainly has a good ear for hooks and riffs.

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    Boon Hui Lu

    HIM International Music

    3.5 Stars

One suggestion: have a better album cover design the next time round. This one has numbers printed all over her face and an ugly outdated font, looking like a reject from the 1980s.

Her music deserves better.

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