Piko-Taro's new song is another fruity ditty

Piko-Taro's new song, uploaded on Jan 7, 2017, is I Like OJ.
Piko-Taro's new song, uploaded on Jan 7, 2017, is I Like OJ.SCREENGRAB: FACEBOOK/PIKO-TARO

Japanese comedian Piko-Taro is back with another fruit-themed English ditty.

This time, it features orange juice - the only juice which he likes, according to the video.

Piko-Taro's 45-second song, Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen, was the shortest song to chart on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts.

The official video on YouTube has more than 108 million views,and it has spawned countless different versions and parodies.

But that was last August.

On Jan 7, he uploaded two more videos on his channel - I Like OJ and Neo Sunglasses, the English version of a Japanese song he posted three months ago.

I Like OJ is simply about Piko-Taro's love of orange juice.


He says "no no no no no" to all other types of fruit juice, and milk, then breaks out the dance moves when he gets - you guessed it - orange juice.

As of Monday (Jan 9) evening, the video had been viewed close to 2.5 million times.

Will it be as big a hit as the apples and pineapples? We'll juice have to wait and see.