Actress Joanne Peh pregnant for second time

Qi Yuwu (left) and Joanne Peh, at the red carpet of Star Awards 2016 Show 1.
Qi Yuwu (left) and Joanne Peh, at the red carpet of Star Awards 2016 Show 1. PHOTO: THE NEW PAPER

Singapore actress Joanne Peh and her China-born actor husband Qi Yuwu are expecting their second child and the news comes on the heels of their daughter turning one.

Sounding chirpy over the telephone, Peh, 33, says: "I'm very excited and happy. I've just crossed the safety period of three months."

Compared with the previous pregnancy, she says it was a little tougher at the beginning. "I was nauseous at night and did not have much of an appetite."

The celebrity couple tied the knot in September 2014 and Peh gave birth to their first child in August last year.

The popular Mediacorp actress is not worried her pregnancy will affect her work and, in fact, has just taken on a lead role in the upcoming Channel 8 drama Dream Coder. "Some of the more physical scenes have been changed and I've also asked to work hours that are not too long and they've been very accommodating."

While Qi, 39, has been developing his career in China, he plans to spend more time in Singapore next year with his family and has renewed his contract with Mediacorp. He says in a statement: "Neither Joanne nor I is an only child, so we both wanted another child after our daughter so that she could have a playmate."

On having a second child soon after the first, Peh says: "We have planned this as we didn't want too big an age gap. But we didn't want to give ourselves too much pressure either so we approached things with a happy and relaxed attitude."

They do not yet know the gender of the second child. Peh wants a girl as she thinks it would be fun for them, being so close in age, to share everything from clothes to secrets. She adds with a laugh: "Maybe my hubby would feel outnumbered though."

Qi is in China, but was in Singapore when they first found out the news. He extended his stay here to take care of Peh, driving her to and from work and also brewing soups for her.

On his future plans, she says: "I will support whatever is good for his career but, of course, I also wish to have him by my side. Ultimately, I will support his decision."

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