Oscar nominees discuss awards season perils

LOS ANGELES (REUTERS) - Like most years, the nominees at the Oscars see through the entirety of Hollywood's awards season since December.

However, Alicia Vikander, who has been nominated all the way through the season, did not know it would be quite so busy.

"I heard the word 'awards season' and I thought that was a joke. I thought it was the Oscars and that was it because that's what I saw on television and then it's this whole weeks and months," said Vikander.

Yes, there is the SAG Awards, the Golden Globes, the Critics Choice awards, the Image Awards, the PGAs, the DGAs, the BAFTAs and more.

Actor Bryan Cranston, said: "It's glorious and exhausting at the same time. You don't realise how much energy you're putting out enjoying yourself but I sleep really well. I hit the sack."

Room's Brie Larson is a newcomer to awards season but has friends in high places to help her keep her high-heeled feet on the ground.

Larson said: "I spoke with my dear friend Emma Stone and was like 'What do I do?' and she said 'You're going to love it. You're inside the TV' and so going in here with that perspective that like 'I'm inside the TV right now' makes it so silly and funny that I'm having a blast."

Being photographed and talking to reporters are all part of the nomination game - a game Cate Blanchett has played for six awards seasons.

Blanchett said: "Look - you have to pinch yourself that it's actually about the work and that everyone here it's about the work but you do get a little bit sick of the sound of your own voice."

Cranston added: "It's very true and you get asked similar questions and as you're answering it, you go 'I just said that - didn't I just say that? And now, I'm saying it again. Oh God."

But it is not all bad. All nominees get dressed up by top fashion houses as a perk of the job. And then there are also the beauty treatments.

Cranston said: "Well I'm first going to get a bikini wax, I think that's how I celebrate every start of awards season. You want to be fresh. I see that as a key component to keeping your composure is that 'I have a little secret and it's down there and nobody else knows. Nobody else knows'."