One FM 91.3 radio host Cheryl Miles to tie the knot with American bank executive

Cheryl Miles described her fiance Matthew Nixon as "gentlemanly". He picked her up at her doorstep for their third date.
Cheryl Miles described her fiance Matthew Nixon as "gentlemanly". He picked her up at her doorstep for their third date.PHOTO: CHERYL MILES

SINGAPORE - Radio host Cheryl Miles will tie the knot this autumn in the United States, after a year-long courtship with an American bank executive that began on a dating app.

Miles, 42, who co-hosts the weekday 10am to 4pm slot on One FM 91.3 radio station, got engaged about a fortnight ago.

Her husband-to-be is Mr Matthew Nixon, 38, vice-president of client services at the Bank of New York Mellon in Singapore.

The American hails from the town of Springfield in Missouri, and has been working in Singapore for the past seven years.

Miles had been happily single for about four years before this. "I was contented, I'd just got my own house, and I loved my job," she said, adding that she started using the Bumble dating app after some "bugging" from her friends.

The couple went on their first date at the Hard Rock Cafe in October 2016, and continued to meet up regularly after that.

Miles described Mr Nixon as "gentlemanly", picking her up at her doorstep for their third date.

But he was a bit reserved at the beginning, she said. "It took him a month to kiss me, and even then, it was a tentative, shy kiss."

Mr Nixon had proposed to her three days before Christmas, while they were holidaying in Perth, Australia. It was an "impromptu" proposal, she said, in front of a tree decked with fairy lights after they had dinner.

Miles started her career in radio in 2008. The former Channel News Asia TV presenter was also active in theatre and was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Life Theatre Awards for A Broadway Christmas Carol in 2006 and for 251 in 2008. She has also appeared in several local TV drama series such as Lifeline (Seasons One and Two), Going Straits and Singapore Shakes.

Miles and Mr Nixon, who are both from Catholic families, will tie the knot at St Agnes Cathedral in Mr Nixon's hometown. That was where his parents and grandparents got married.

Said Miles: "After I met him for the first time, I remember telling my mum, I think I met my future husband. There was something familiar about him, but also something different.

"You hear people say, 'I knew the was the one right away'. I suddenly realised what everyone was talking about."