On social media: Tycoon’s daughter has lavish engagement bash


TYCOON’S DAUGHTER HAS LAVISH ENGAGEMENT BASH: Ms Sabrina Ho need not go house-hunting before her marriage next year.

The daughter of Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho was reportedly gifted a HK$500-million (S$87-million) property when she threw an engagement party over the weekend.

Her fiance is Mr Thomas Xin.

Ms Ho, 28, who runs a company promoting arts and culture in Macau, and Mr Xin, 21, a Harvard student, were also said to have received HK$100 million in gold and diamond jewellery from well-wishers.

According to portal ETtoday, they will reside in the United States since Mr Xin, whose mainland Chinese parents are businessmen, has not graduated yet.

Ms Ho is pregnant. The engagement comes in the wake of that between her brother Mario Ho, 24, and Ming Xi, 30, in May.

Mr Ho had proposed to the Chinese supermodel with 99,999 roses in a Shanghai mall.

Mr Ho, in an online post to congratulate Sabrina, wrote: “I will miss her, yet I’m really happy for her.

“From now, remember to be respectful and filial to your parents-in-law. Remember to come home and visit us often. Stay healthy and have plenty of children.

“Wishing that you and brother-in-law will grow old together and have a happy marriage.” 

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