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NETIZENS FLY INTO A RAGE OVER TARDY K-POP BAND: The flight hit turbulence even before take-off.

Passengers heading to Seoul from Okinawa were stuck in an Asiana Airlines plane on Monday because it was waiting for a group of travellers.

Several netizens who were on the flight posted later that the delay lasted an hour and that when the stragglers finally boarded, they wore black masks and headed to the business-class seats.

They were members of South Korean boy band Seventeen (above), whose tardiness was also slammed by other netizens, noting that the musicians should have arranged for a chartered flight and not inconvenience others.

Some also blasted Asiana for bending over backwards to serve the celebrities.

But the boy band’s management has since apologised, revealing that the musicians were not at fault.

They arrived at the airport on time, but could not board the plane because the airport staff had some documentation requirements that the band had not anticipated.

The agency added that the hour-long delay included a 30-minute wait due to bad weather.

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