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SUPER JUNIOR REUNITE: In their absence, upstarts like BTS took over the K-pop boyband throne.

Now, Super Junior are ready to reclaim their place at the top.

Fans are in a tizzy after singer Kyuhyun (above) completed his mandatory military service on Tuesday, the last in the 12-man boyband to do so.

“Please look forward to the music and concerts that we will share together in the future,” he posted.

He dangled a carrot, adding: “My singing has gotten better.”

Super Junior singer Kangin was the first to enlist in 2010.

The boyband’s strategy of forming smaller sub-groups – to target various musical genres – kept the brand name intact while members fulfilled their military service.

Kyuhyun is scheduled to reunite with his fans in a meet-and-greet on May 19. He should be well rested by then.

“I am going to sleep so well tonight, sleep about 10 hours, sleep until noon. When I wake up, I’m going to laze around for two hours,” he posted about his immediate post-military-service plan. 

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