On social media


JJ LIN FLEXES HIS MUSCLES: Home-grown singer JJ Lin once told his fans that he would strip to show his abs if he built up a muscular 50-million following on Weibo.

Last Saturday, it was show time.

In a video posted online, Lin, 38, said: “I heard that we amassed 50 million (followers). How could it be that fast? But it’s okay, I will keep my promise since we have hit our target – I am a man of my words.”

He took off his T-shirt to reveal a toned body, grinned bashfully and proceeded to do bicep curls with barbells. He added that he “wishes for everyone to place more focus on (his) music” instead.

The Mandopop star also wants to flex his charity muscles. “I want to do something different if we reach 60 million followers – I will hold a charity fan concert,” he said.

Three hours after it was shared online, the one-minute clip garnered 1.4 million views.

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