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SUPERSTAR HOUSE HUNT: The most followed Taiwanese artist on Instagram, Jay Chou, usually uses the account to share bits and pieces of his life with his fans.

However, the Mandopop singer seems to have found a new use for his account: house hunting.

On Thursday night, the 41-year-old superstar posted two photos of a Japanese-style house and wrote: "There was an old house opposite my grandmother's home when I lived there during my younger years. I even wrote the song Terrace Field to express my hope of preserving such old houses and buildings."

Chou joked that if his frequent collaborator, Taiwanese lyricist Vincent Fang, had such a house for a working studio, he would not have to wait too long for lyrics.

The singer-songwriter then asked his followers to message him if they knew of any such houses for sale or rental in Taipei.

His fans left comments under his post, with many of them recommending old buildings in the cities where they lived.

Taiwanese singer Ashin, songwriter and vocalist of Taiwanese band Mayday, decided to have a bit of fun and cheekily left a comment seeking more "Vincent Fangs".

This led to a bout of bantering between him and Chou, and more than 220 other comments from netizens. 

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