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Aliff Aziz (left) and Bella Astillah.
Aliff Aziz (left) and Bella Astillah.PHOTOS: TRENDINGTV/YOUTUBE

A RECONCILIATION IN THE WORKS?: In a photo posted by Singaporean singer-actor Aliff Aziz, he is seen inside a car and taking a selfie.

The photo captures him and a woman seated behind him. She is his former wife Bella Astillah, a Malaysian singer-actress who comes to Singapore regularly for work.

Now netizens are debating whether the couple – who were involved in a high-profile divorce in May last year after she said that she was fed up with his wandering ways – are heading for a reconciliation.

Bella has custody of their two-year-old son.

Speculation heated up after she posted a photo of herself clinging to the arm of a muscular man – whose face is not shown – but who is believed by many netizens to be Aliff, 28. He has previously posted many photos of his toned body and gym visits. The man in Bella’s photo wears a white T-shirt, which is what Aliff wore in his selfie.

Bella, 25, has given further evidence that she could mend ties with Aliff after she reposted a post by his mother who was sharing advice from a Muslim cleric.

“Your past is a mirror to your present. Learn from it and aim to not make the same mistakes again. A new chapter awaits you each day when you wake up,” the post said. Netizens are interpreting that as an indication from her that she is willing to forgive and move on.

Aliff, who married her in 2016, vowed in November last year that he would prove his critics wrong by changing for the better. Then, he had received flak after he was arrested by police for drunken behaviour in Orchard Road.

In a video of the incident, he could be heard telling policemen that he wanted to speak to his father. Aliff, who is also in trouble for allegedly stealing one million rupiah (S$97) and $300 from an Indonesian actress, and stealing a packet of cigarettes and a lighter from a man, was slammed by netizens for still depending on his father to bail him out.

While some fans think that Aliff deserves a second chance, many others warned Bella to be careful. “Aliff is nothing but trouble. It will be difficult for him to change. Find a good man for you and your son. You’re still young,” one person wrote.

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