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A PROPOSAL NOT MEANT TO BE: Actor-model Godfrey Gao was not only slated to be a groomsman at a friend's wedding, but was also reportedly looking forward to a wedding of his own.

Taiwan-born Canadian Gao, 35, was planning to propose to his girlfriend Bella Su last Thursday, his good friend Darren Jiang has revealed on social media. But Gao died just the day before after collapsing while filming a reality show in Zhejiang, China.

Jiang, a television personality, uploaded on Instagram and Weibo a 22-minute clip titled A Letter To My Brother G, along with a black-and-white photo of him (left) and Gao (right) in basketball apparel.

Jiang, 35, said in the video that Gao was planning a dinner last Thursday with both his and his girlfriend's families, with plans to propose to Su.

The Chinese-American said he was in Europe a few days before Gao's death when the latter called and asked where he was. ''By now, I finally found out why all of a sudden you were checking to see my location,'' he said. ''Because you'd like me to be a witness with you at the two families' big joint dinner, as you are ready for a new life direction.''

He said he cried when he learnt of Gao's death and booked the first available train to China to see Gao for the last time. Gao's body was sent back from China to Taiwan on Monday.

Jiang said he had been fortunate to spend time with Gao and his family the past few days.

''We brought you home together and will cope with all of this in new ways,'' he wrote.

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