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WHO'S THAT CLEAN AND GREEN GIRL?: Who is that singer? Netizens have asked that question after a video to plug the Clean and Green Singapore campaign caught fire online. It has amassed more than 1.1 million views after it was rolled out on Oct 11.

The Singaporean singer is Aisyah Aziz, 25, whose soulful voice, 1.79m height and good looks have drawn many folks to give her the thumbs up.

Asked if she has noticed people giving her a second look these days to confirm if she is indeed that performer in the video, she told The Straits Times in an e-mail interview: "I might not have been aware of that or realised anything different yet, but I have been getting texts from friends saying they're seeing the advertisement everywhere, so that's pretty cool."

She was approached by the National Environment Agency early this year to be part of the Clean and Green campaign.

The singer, who had a solo spot in this year's National Day Parade theme song, alongside others by JJ Lin, Ramli Sarip, Kit Chan and Stefanie Sun, is also known for her fashion sense.

"I'm not afraid to try different things or wear outfits that most people would normally be uncomfortable with because I like challenging myself, to see how well I can carry a bold look," Aisyah once told an interviewer.

But that approach riled some Malaysians in July, when they accused her of dressing provocatively.

Aisyah, who said in another interview that she likes to be salty sometimes, said she is not afraid to be true to her different sides.

"I think the people who know me already know what I like or what I'm like," she noted, adding that while fashion trends come and go, she will always stay true to music.

"Truthfully, right now, I'm just focused on coming out with more music," said Aisyah, who started taking part in singing contests at age 11 and later spread her wings in Malaysia.

"No teacher has ever told me that music can be a career," she said, admitting that others beyond her family members have looked at her and wondered why she was wasting her time.

But she now has more than 1.1 million views with her latest video. Her voice also powers a song called Bukalah Matamu from the Malaysian animation Ejen Ali The Movie that is set to be released in cinemas next month.

As for her own efforts to go green, Aisyah told ST: "I bring my own bags out now though sometimes I forget, but it's a process. I also adopted the double cleansing method where I use oil and a warm cloth to remove my make-up before I wash my face with a cleanser. Basically, I've stopped using wipes."

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