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FATHER KNOWS BEST: Hong Kong actor Tony Leung Ka Fai took a few years off work to raise his twin daughters when they were young.

Netizens now note that the doting dad is giving another helping hand to Chloe (left) and Nikkie, who have reportedly expressed a wish to get into show business.

Leung, 61, agreed to take part in Chinese variety show When I Grow Up, which tracks his life with his 28-year-old daughters.

But the actor, who was previously lauded for helping the family’s maid to deal with her cervical cancer, including driving her daily to her chemotherapy sessions, knows that he cannot over manage his children’s lives.

“I thought I was doing something right, but it turns out that they were growing up in an abnormal state, so I decided to start filming movies (again),” the Topick portal cited him as saying.

Leung, whose wife is actress Jiang Jia Nian, sees no need to intervene even if the skimpy clothes worn by Nikkie and Chloe have raised eyebrows.

“As long as they understand that they must take responsibility for their actions and deal with the consequences, they’re free to do whatever they want,” he said.

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