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FINDING LOVE AFTER PAIN: She shocked her Instagram followers last year when she posted pictures of bloody injuries sustained from an alleged attack by a boyfriend.

Over the weekend, Malaysian celebrity deejay Leng Yein, 34, had happier news to update her fans with, when she posted photos of her wedding to Khen Chua, who is five years younger.

The couple have known each other for 10 years, with the China Press reporting that more than 500 fans turned up to help Leng celebrate her big day in Kuala Lumpur.

Leng, a divorcee, told reporters she decided to walk down the aisle again because Chua won her over with his caring ways.

Leng, a 2003 Miss Malaysia finalist, has not been shy about documenting her life online, with her accounts of undergoing cosmetic surgery, for example.

Known for speaking her mind, she once slammed Singapore deejay Tenashar - who is currently in hot water over her alleged drug-taking - when the latter claimed Leng had tried to copy her act.

The bad blood surfaced when both were performing at an event in Malaysia in 2014.

At her wedding, Leng gave a reminder of her headstrong ways: "If ever there is a problem in our marriage, it will definitely be because of me." 

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