'Ok' is now okay

NEW YORK • It is okay now to form the word "ok" to score points in Scrabble. That comes after Merriam-Webster on Monday released the sixth edition of The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, with more than 300 new words given the nod.

For 40 years, the dictionary has served as one of the main reference works providing information about which words are permissible.

You can now impress others by forming "imipenem", "agyria" and "exome" - words from science and medicine - with your letters.

Welcome, too, is "aquafaba", the liquid that results when beans are cooked in water.

"Ew" and "ok" are the newest additions to the roster of two-letter words, bringing the total to 107, ranging from "aa" (a kind of lava) to "za" (pizza).

A familiarity with these can increase players' chances of putting their letters on the board, building on words from previous rounds.

Serious players have almost certainly committed the list of two-letter words to memory and the truly dedicated have command of all the three-letter specimens, which now number 1,054.


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