NOFX kicked out of own music festival

NEW YORK • The music festival in Ohio was founded by NOFX, but the punk rockers were dropped from the event over the weekend over comments regarding a Las Vegas shooting.

"While NOFX are known for their dark, uncomfortable humour, the festival producers of Camp Punk In Drublic are shocked and disappointed by the band's recent statements," the organiser said.

The band, known for generally left-leaning politics but mostly for irreverent humour, quipped about the shooting on Oct 1 last year, in which a gunman, perched in a hotel window, killed 58 people, the deadliest massacre in modern American history.

NOFX frontman Fat Mike said the shooting was unfortunate as he performed at a punk festival in Las Vegas last week.

"But at least they were country fans and not punk rock fans."

The band apologised after they faced a backlash for making light of the tragedy.

On Sunday, they issued a lengthier reply on social media, saying the remarks were "off the cuff" and "we didn't plan or intend on saying anything so insensitive".

"We made a tasteless joke. But to be clear, NOFX does not condone violence against any group of people."


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