No brain injury but Chung gets 'hundreds of stitches'

Hong Kong star Gillian Chung (photo) went for a second operation late on Monday after suffering a head injury in Xiamen, China.

Chung, one half of Cantopop duo Twins with actress-singer Charlene Choi, had an accident at about 2am that day in her hotel room.

The 39-year-old singer-actress was planning to go to the toilet when she felt giddy and lost her balance, hitting her head against a marble structure.

Her wound was reported to be 6cm long and she needed dozens of stitches at the hospital. There were concerns that the stitches might leave scars on her face.

Chung's manager Mani Fok told the Hong Kong media on Tuesday that the second operation was done by a top plastic surgeon introduced by Hong Kong actor Simon Yam.

She said the surgeon had to stitch together three layers of the wounded area, which was deep enough to expose the bone. There were "hundreds of stitches", with the surface layer needing 66 stitches.

"As it was done by a plastic surgeon this time, there were many stitches which were delicate as the doctor hoped to reduce the likelihood of scarring," Ms Fok said.

She added that the brain-scan result showed that Chung did not suffer any brain injury and she did not vomit in the subsequent 24 hours either.

The manager said other celebrities, such as Choi, singer Joey Yung, actress Kara Wai and actor Raymond Lam, have offered their help after learning of Chung's injury.

Yung took the first flight from Beijing to Xiamen with Ms Fok on Monday after she learnt of the accident.

Ms Fok said Chung is recovering in the hotel room after her operation.

She said the singer-actress is in China to film two Web television serials, with Monday supposed to be the last day of filming for one of the shows.

She is likely to return to Hong Kong only after shooting is complete for both shows.

Chung had made the news in May after divorcing Taiwanese aesthetics doctor Michael Lai, 31. They married in 2018 and have no children.

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