New Spiderman movie will pick up from where Avengers: Endgame ends, says actor Tom Holland

Actor Tom Holland, who plays the titular character in Spider-Man: Far From Home, said the show will portray the "puppy love"  between his character and his character's classmate MJ.
Actor Tom Holland, who plays the titular character in Spider-Man: Far From Home, said the show will portray the "puppy love" between his character and his character's classmate MJ.ST PHOTO: JAN LEE

BALI (INDONESIA) - One snap by villain Thanos and five years go by in a blink for Spiderman, played by British actor Tom Holland in Avengers: Endgame.

Holland, 22, who will play the superhero once more in an upcoming Spiderman movie, says the new show will deal with the events of Avengers: Endgame.

In the new film, Spiderman, whose real identity is teenager Peter Parker, struggles with his world-saving duties as a result of losing his mentor Tony Stark and disappearing for five years after Thanos' snap.

"In the first film, he was desperately trying to be an Avenger but in this movie, he's trying to not be an Avenger. He's a 16-year-old kid who wants to go on a school trip with his friends to Europe and experience life as a normal teenager," says Holland at a press conference on Tuesday (May 28), held as part of a Sony Pictures press tour in Bali, Indonesia.

Spider-Man: Far From Home, the second to feature Holland's iteration of the classic superhero in a standalone movie, will also portray the "puppy love" between Peter and his classmate MJ (Zendaya).

Says Holland: "We wanted to show what it's like to be 15 and in love."

Joining Holland on the tour is Avengers co-star Chris Hemsworth.


The 35-year-old fronts Men In Black (MIB): International - a spin-off of the MIB franchise made famous by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones with three prior movies.

The science-fiction comedy reunites Hemsworth with his Thor: Ragnarok (2017) leading lady Tessa Thompson.

Are there any Thor jokes in the movie?

"I do pick up a hammer in the trailer. Didn't think that would make it to the movie but it did," says Hemsworth.

The latest MIB movie will see the agents Hemsworth and Thompson jet-set across the world, a departure from the previous films which largely took place in New York.

Speaking of filming on locales such as Morocco, Hemsworth says Thompson - a savvy traveller - was his tour guide.

"She became my go-to for every restaurant and bar and place that I should visit," says Hemsworth.

The Australian actor is no stranger to the action-comedy genre, with Thor's turn as a comic character in recent Marvel movies.

Acknowledging that Thor's earlier movies portrayed the God Of Thunder in a more serious light, Hemsworth says: "I feel the potential of comedy within a superhero, a self-deprecating nature is far more appealing than the sort of the stern, unbreakable rock of an individual.

"I just find it more accessible. Comedy is disarming, it allows you to take a breath and just embark on an adventure. Being able to make a fool of yourself - it just comes more naturally to me, I think."

Live-action blockbusters are not the only movies in the Sony stable - The Angry Birds Movie 2, an animation film, is scheduled to be released later this year, three years after the first movie was released.

Its producer John Cohen shared details about the film, based off the hit mobile game of the same name.

Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Bill Hader and Peter Dinklage from the first film will return. New characters include those voiced by Leslie Jones, Rachel Bloom and Awkwafina.

Cohen says: "In this movie, the birds and the pigs are frenemies - they have to fight a common villain. It's like when the Avengers first came together - a lot of egos and trust issues."