Netizens scold actor Shawn Zhang after he lashes out at wife Christy Chung

Celebrity couple Shawn Zhang and Christy Chung. PHOTO: CHRISTYCHUNG919/INSTAGRAM

Does Hong Kong actress Christy Chung really get on well with husband Shawn Zhang despite their 12-year age difference?

Not if you go by what is depicted in the first episode of Chinese reality show My Dearest Ladies where the couple and his mother take a vacation.

In a video uploaded on YouTube, Chung, 48, is seen whipping up breakfast.

She is asked by actor-singer Zhang, 36, to cover up the cameras so there is no footage of him taking a shower.

Upset that she uses just paper to mask the camera lens, instead of disabling the equipment, he complains to his mother, saying: "It's not that she doesn't know, she's just lazy."

Chung is stunned over the humiliating dressing-down and breaks down in tears.

But Zhang does not back down and parries her attempt to explain her actions, saying: "You did it on purpose. Can you be more serious?"

His mother has to step in and play peacemaker to pacify Chung.

Zhang later apologises but a miffed Chung, whose marriage to him is her third, gets in the last word, wondering why he has reacted so harshly over a small matter.

Zhang, who met Chung on a Chinese reality dating show, proposed to her in 2016.

It is his first marriage.

The actress, who has three daughters from her previous marriages, is reportedly aiming to expand her family.

But was the quarrel in My Dearest Ladies scripted to create a talking point and bump up ratings for the show?

No one is sure but some netizens, after watching the episode, have chosen to take Chung's side, heaping scorn on Zhang for his ungentlemanly behaviour.

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