My Weekend


Sophy Tan Su-Hui, 25, who has a master's degree in music performance from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, plays the guzheng. She also teaches the instrument at schools and privately at home.

She and her twin sister Clara, who plays the zhongruan, will perform at the Esplanade Recital Studio on Thursday. Tickets for the concert are available from Sistic.

Last month, the sisters were on Day Day Up, a popular TV show in China, representing Singapore in an episode featuring outstanding twin artists from various countries. Do you have a regular weekend? My weekends are usually spent with my students. Occasionally, I have performances or rehearsals. What are your favourite restaurants to visit on weekends? Sum's Kitchen and Hong Kong Roasted Meat, both in Sembawang. I never get tired of ordering the same dishes. The presentation of the food at Sum's Kitchen is down-to-earth and the taste reminds me of home. I am a huge fan of home-cooked food as my family is traditional. My parents will ensure that the family is able to sit together for a meal. Describe your perfect weekend. To have an entire day free from work so I can learn and explore. I enjoy learning and finding out new things. For example, the music videos on my social media are produced by my colleague, Clara and me, despite having zero knowledge of video editing.

I have a sense of achievement knowing that I picked up a new skill.

My father has always reminded me that time waits for no man and that I have to make full use of it. I hope to have more time for myself - there are so many things to learn, yet so little time to do so.

If you could hang out with anybody, dead or alive, who would it be and why? It will definitely be my grandmother who died last year. She was someone I looked up to as she was strong-willed. When I feel lost and tired, I would think of how she would give me the strength to overcome my problems. If you could go somewhere for a getaway, where would it be and why? I would visit Inner Mongolia for its vast and magnificent grassland, clear skies and fresh air. It represents freedom and peace. As a musician, I enjoy the freedom to express myself without any restrictions.

Life in Singapore is hectic and stressful. It would be nice to have some quiet time to clear the mind and lie under the stars without any communication with the outside world.

Brina Tan

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