My Weekend

Sharul Channa has been walking 7km from her home in Bedok to East Coast Park five times a week for the past three months to unwind.
Sharul Channa has been walking 7km from her home in Bedok to East Coast Park five times a week for the past three months to unwind.PHOTO: COURTESY OF SHARUL CHANNA

Stand-up comic Sharul Channa will perform on Thursday at Singapore Comedy Fringe 2016 alongside four other funnywomen in Show Us Your Wits.

Organised by The Comedy Club Asia, this year's festival (www. will run from next Tuesday to Saturday at the School of the Arts Drama Theatre.

Tickets start from $28 and are available through Sistic.

Channa, 29, lives in a condominium in Bedok with her husband, comedian Rishi Budhrani, as well as his parents and sister.

Do you usually work on weekends?

As an entertainer, I work when people with regular day jobs get time off. Monday is my official day off.

How do you best like to put up your feet?

By lying in bed with two or three food items that the Health Promotion Board won't approve of.

Or watching ants go about their business. It's very therapeutic.

For the past three months, I have been walking 7km in the afternoon to East Coast Park, five times a week.

It helps me to release negative thoughts. I hate walking back, though, so I take a cab home.

What are your regular haunts?

I love Awfully Chocolate in East Coast Road for its chocolate tiramisu jar. This is one food item that I won't share with anyone.

I also love the chicken rice at Five Star Chicken Rice in East Coast Road.

The standard of food is consistent and its service is great.

If you could hang out with anybody for a weekend, who would it be?

The United States' Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

I want to find out why the stuff coming out of his mouth is coming out of his mouth and how someone can be so stupid, racist and sexist.

Also, he would be a great comedy subject.

What is a perfect weekend to you?

It would start with me lying in bed with my dog and the two of us looking at the ceiling.

The moment I walk out of my room, my mum would be there and she would have cooked an amazing meal of chole puris (deep-fried Indian bread with chickpea curry).

A classic Hindi movie would be playing on television and, after watching it, I would sleep for another two hours.

At night, I would hang out with friends and swop stories.

Gurveen Kaur

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