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Ms Michelle Koh learning to bake bread at ITSI Baking Studio.
Ms Michelle Koh learning to bake bread at ITSI Baking Studio.PHOTO: COURTESY OF MICHELLE KOH

Executive director of Singapore River One Michelle Koh is all about keeping busy and learning new experiences during the weekend.

If there is a festival or activity that piques her interest, the 45-year-old bachelorette is game to give it a try. This weekend, she will be mixing pleasure with work at the St Patrick's Day Street Festival held in Circular Road.

Organised by Singapore River One, the festival will feature traditional and contemporary Irish music performances and a host of activities, including nail-painting and balloon-sculpting.

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How do you keep yourself busy during the weekend?

I'm all about new experiences, so if there is something that looks interesting, I'm willing to pay for it.

Two weekends ago, I had an eventful few days.

I caught Chinese play Savage Land on Friday evening, checked out trade and consumer event Cafe Asia 2016 at Marina Bay Sands on Saturday and learnt to bake bread at a class in ITSI Baking Studio on Sunday.

Last weekend, I had a getaway to Bangkok with my parents. It's been six years since I visited the city.

Otherwise, I enjoy cafe-hopping with friends, watching a film at theatres or catching up on shows on Netflix such as Breaking Bad.

Is there anything you wouldn't do?

I draw the line at putting myself in harm's way or doing anything that involves heights, so no haunted houses or roller coasters for me.

I'm chicken when it comes to those activities.

What is next for you to tick off on your weekend activity list?

I want to check out one of the trampoline parks and monkey around on them.

What is a must-do activity during the weekend?

Attending mass followed by lunch or dinner with my family.

Whatever I have on my plate, I will always make time to go for these.

Complete this sentence: My perfect weekend would be…

What I experienced two weekends ago.

It was not too rushed, but I did different things with my group of friends.

Gurveen Kaur

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