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Mr Danny Loong, 43, is the co-founder and chief creative director of Timbre Group and member of the five-piece blues and roots rock band Raw Earth.

His band will perform at the Byron Bay Bluesfest in Australia on March 26 and 27 and are looking for a singer-songwriter to join them. Interested musicians have till Tuesday to apply ( timbremusicacademy).

He is married to a teacher, 30. They have no children and live in a five-room HDB flat in Simei.

Where can you usually be found on weekends? I'm very involved in the business side of things with Timbre, but I'm fortunate to also be able to perform with Raw Earth on weekends.

We play at Barber Shop by Timbre at The Arts House on alternate Saturdays and Muddy Murphy's on Sunday. Music is a big part of my life.

Does performing with your band feel like work? I love music and any time I meet fellow musicians is always a good time. It's work in that we are promoting music, but it doesn't feel like work to me because when I meet young musicians, I feel inspired by their energy and commitment. They are the new generation and I feel responsible for them.

Where can we find you when you're not working or performing? My wife Sofia and I spend a lot of time at home with our two kittens. We got both within the past year. One's an American shorthair breed and the other is a mix between a ragamuffin and a chinchilla Persian.

I've never lived with cats before, but I find them fascinating. They have their own personalities and are quite independent. Some people might call them arrogant, but I call it being self-confident.

I'm a cat daddy now. You can ask my friends - I post about cats regularly on my Facebook and Instagram accounts. Do you enjoy spending time outdoors? One of my hobbies is to check out new food places or listen to new bands. There's always a new place to check out in Singapore - the food and music scene has really become more vibrant compared with, say, 10 years ago. Places we might check out include outlets in Frankel Avenue and Siglap. Both places are in the east, which is where I grew up.

Do you enjoy exercising on weekends? I'm trying my best to start an exercise regimen. Once in a while, I go for a run, though not as often as I should. But my wife and I take our cats for walks to let them get some sun, sit around and watch the birds.

Nabilah Said

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