My Unfair Lady finale draws high ratings

My Unfair Lady stars Vincent Wong and Natalie Tong.
My Unfair Lady stars Vincent Wong and Natalie Tong. PHOTO: YOUTUBE

HONG KONG • The finale for My Unfair Lady drew the largest audience for a TVB drama in Hong Kong this year, with 1.9 million viewers watching the last scene in which fan favourites, will-they- won't-they couple Saving and Cherry, meet on a flight of steps.

The finale broadcast on Sunday averaged 27.3 points and the last scene between Saving (Vincent Wong) and Cherry (Natalie Tong) drew a high of 29.3 points, said Sing Tao Daily.

However, the total ratings for the show averaged 24 points, second to 25 points for Tiger Mom Blues, the top TVB drama for the year to date, said the report.

Still, My Unfair Lady has created a huge buzz in Hong Kong and beyond, with its topical tale of Hong Kong women who have to compete against their Chinese and Taiwanese counterparts for husbands and fiances.

The evocative Chinese title of the show translates as "women who don't know how to act child-like".

In the drama, Cherry walks away from her relationship with Saving, who has a phobia of marriage. In their second-last scene in the finale, she is wearing a ring that may be a wedding band, a sign that she might have married someone else.

But in the last scene, when they meet again on the stairs, the ring has vanished.

Netizens criticised the open ending, which did not make clear if the two would live happily ever after, said Sing Tao Daily.

Tong hinted at a sequel, however. She said: "We can regard the last scene as the beginning of the next drama."

My Unfair Lady was written by Chu Gang Kay, the man behind Emergency Unit, the 2009 TVB show with the popular undercover cop, Laughing.

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