Music picks: Sam Hui gig; albums from Enno Cheng and DJ Didilong; Stay Home single



More than 2.5 million people tuned in for Cantopop legend Sam Hui's livestream concert on April 12, which took place against the backdrop of Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour skyline. The singer-songwriter performed classics such as Below The Lion Rock and From The Heart Of A Loafer to cheer on fellow Hong Kongers and healthcare workers.

Those who missed the livestream can still watch the performance as he has uploaded the hour-long concert, split into four parts, to YouTube for a month from April 16.

Watch the gig at the links below:

Part one

Part two

Part three

Part four



Enno Cheng

3.5 stars

The galactic journey of Taiwanese singer-actress Enno Cheng continues after Neptune (2011) and Pluto (2017) with Dear Uranus.

The appropriately atmospheric electronic title track in Mandarin opens the album as she croons: "Before the universe starts again/Let me get a little closer." Clearly, a song from a time before safety distancing.

Another highlight here is At A Rainy Night (Would You Walk Me Home), a laidback number in the Taiwanese Minnan dialect which evokes both loneliness, longing and hopefulness.

Best for late-night listening.


SWEET 2020

DJ Didilong

3.5 stars

Taiwan's hip-hop artist DJ Didilong, also known as Yinghung Lee, dropped his new album on Feb 13 in an unusual way - as a 47-minute fish-tank screensaver video on YouTube. This was apparently to put the focus squarely on the music, without the distraction of music video visuals.

It features collaborations with several of the territory's top hip-hop talent, including Softlipa on the title track and Leo Wang on Yi Hei Ji Hei (Hit Black With Black).

There is no lack of ambition here in the 33-year-old's attempt to capture the zeitgeist of his generation. While the tales can get dark, from the imaginary dead-end town of Lulifornia to drowning one's sorrows in drink on Jiu Gui (Drunkard), the groovy music keeps the mood from getting too sombre.


Charlie Lim, Yung Raja and Aisyah Aziz are among the 14 Singaporean artists who have come together for the multilingual single Stay Home, which conveys the key message that social distancing does not mean emotional distancing.

It will be released by Universal Music Singapore at 9am on April 24 on all key streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and KKBox.

The official music video will premiere at 8pm the same day on YouTube along with a live chat.

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