Mother of the late Anita Mui loses another child to cancer

Hong Kong - The mother of the late Anita Mui, who died from cervical cancer in 2003, has tragically lost yet another child to the dreaded illness.

The 92-year-old is mourning the death on Wednesday of her second son Mui Tak Ming, 62, from throat cancer, reported Apple Daily.

The singer's elder sister Ann died of womb cancer in 2000.

Tam Mei Kam is now left with one surviving child, her eldest son Mui Kai Ming, with whom she waged and lost a legal battle over her famous daughter's will, said Apple.

It said she was declared a bankrupt in 2012, after running up legal costs, and is facing eviction from an apartment for owing monthly rent of HK$43,000 (S$7,686) for six months.

She said she gets HK$48,000 a month from a trust Mui provided for her, but that was not enough for her.

Asked if she was borrowing money for funeral costs, she said she would ask people for help.

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