Morrissey upset with fashion brand over burger link

Singer Morrissey is a vegetarian who speaks up for animal rights.
Singer Morrissey is a vegetarian who speaks up for animal rights.PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE

LONDON • Former Smiths frontman Morrissey reacted badly to a photo of himself modelling for skatewear brand Supreme.

On his fanzine True To You last Saturday, he apologised for the "enfeebled photograph" of himself taken last October by fashion photographer Terry Richardson.

"I considered the photograph to be fit only for a medical encyclopaedia and I pleaded with Supreme not to use it. This was before I learned that Supreme were sponsored in part by the beef-sandwich pharaoh known as White Castle," added the vegetarian singer, known for endorsing vegetarianism and animal rights.

The image of him in a white T-shirt sporting the brand's logo is on billboards all over the world.

The brand, in a statement, claimed it had suggested ways to resolve the situation including a re-shoot, but Morrissey rejected them without giving reasons.

"(He) then proceeded to assert a sudden and ridiculous claim that because Supreme had used the (American burger chain) White Castle logo on a group of products... the agreement was supposedly terminated," wrote the firm.

Morrissey said he was concerned over an apparent sponsorship deal between the burger chain and the label, and had told his lawyers to warn Supreme not to use the photo.

Supreme used the chain's logo for a capsule collection last year, but did not receive any sponsorship.

It is not the first time Morrissey has reacted badly to something because it involves meat. Last year, he banned meat caterers backstage at his shows at the Sydney Opera House.


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