Michael Buble shelves album for fatherhood

The crooner tries to do everything with his son and actress-wife, including taking them on tour

Canadian crooner Michael Buble is feeling great about his life and you can actually hear the sunshine in his voice over the telephone.

He married actress Luisana Lopilato in March 2011 and their baby boy Noah was born in August 2013.

"Fatherhood brings its way into everything I do," he says enthusiastically from Shanghai, where he was performing. "What I am, No. 1, is Noah's dad. Because of that perspective, it allows me to go on stage and genuinely enjoy what I'm doing.

"Being a father fills me with happiness and I have meaning in my life, so everything else becomes this wonderful icing on the cake."

Buble, 39, is a multiple Grammy- winner who is known for his smooth vocals on evergreens and hits including Home and Haven't Met You Yet. He will perform in Singapore tomorrow and on Saturday.

He last performed here at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in 2011 and has a message for fans coming for his latest gig. "They can expect elevation in every way. I've come back much stronger, not just as a story-teller and entertainer, but the production is beautiful. It's massive, it's heavy and they'll get it right away," he says.

Given how important family is to him, you wonder how he copes with being on tour.

He says he is very lucky to have a supportive wife and they have worked out a system of being there for each other.

"She's with me on this trip to Asia with my son and when I finish the tour, I'll take the time to go and follow her when she makes films in Europe or South America. I'll be Mr Mom."

Lopilato is an Argentine actress- model-singer who has acted in several Spanish-language television series and movies.

Buble is also happy to share that he just had a vacation in Hawaii with his family. He says: "I burn so fast I had a really beautiful time wearing lots of lotion. My little boy loves the water so we were in the swimming pool a lot."

He tries to protect his son's privacy though by limiting what he shares on social media platforms.

"You won't see my kid's face on Instagram anymore. It's been about six or seven months since you could see his face. It's always the back of his head or his hand or foot. My wife and I have decided to try to protect him as much as we can."

A photo posted recently on Jan 11 shows the back of a boy's head and Buble playfully sucking on a pacifier. It garnered more than 55,900 likes.

With family as top priority and touring on his plate, it means he is not working on a new album. His last release, To Be Loved (2013), was his fourth consecutive No. 1 record on the Billboard charts.

While he is constantly thinking about different songs, he says he had been on tour for more than a year and had just done his 163rd show.

He adds: "I'm a new dad and I'm trying to be a supportive husband, so I'm going to take a little bit of time before I make another record, to be there for my wife, to allow her to work and be fulfilled and to allow me to be refreshed."

He certainly has nothing to prove, given his multiple awards. While he appreciates the recognition, he adds that among the acts he idolises, Elvis Presley won only one Grammy and The Beatles, none.

He says: "The fact is, I'm rewarded every single night when I go on stage and thousands of people have paid their hard-earned money to see me or someone buys the record."

Neither does the fact that he is turning 40 this year weigh heavily on him.

He says with a laugh: "My body will turn 40 but my spirit will be about 18 years old. The more I live, the less I know and the more I'm excited to learn. I became a father quite late and so for me, life is just kind of beginning now."


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