Marvel Comics Fantastic Four are rebooted on the big screen

Marvel's Mister Fantastic, The Human Torch, The Thing and The Invisible Woman team up again for a cinematic reboot of one of the comic world's most iconic series.

(REUTERS) - The highly-anticipated reboot of Fantastic Four nudged closer for fans of the famed superheroes, with the film's final trailer displaying the foursome's super powers. 

Fantastic Four, which will be out next month, stars Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell and Michael B. Jordan as the foursome who acquire strange and powerful abilities. Mara's Sue Storm can be seen making herself invisible while Jordan's Johnny Storm / The Human Torch engulfs himself in flames. 

The trailer, which was shown at comics fan convention Comic-Con International last weekend but was released on Tuesday (July 14), also shows Bell as Ben Grimm/The Thing and a flashback to Reed Richards' childhood scientific experiments. 

Full of special effects, the trailer also offers a glimpse of what the foursome are up against - hooded villain Doctor Doom. 

The film is directed by Josh Trank, who earlier this year said he was stepping down from one of the upcoming Star Wars standalone films to pursue other "creative opportunities." Fantastic Four will be released in US cinemas on August 7.