Marry Me star Casey Wilson finds her own life becoming part of the show’s plot

Married to the creator and executive producer of TV series Marry Me, star Casey Wilson finds her own story becoming part of the show’s plot. -- PHOTO: RTL CBS ASIA
Married to the creator and executive producer of TV series Marry Me, star Casey Wilson finds her own story becoming part of the show’s plot. -- PHOTO: RTL CBS ASIA

Unlike many others who would baulk at the thought of working day-in-day-out with their spouses, American actress Casey Wilson has already happily done so on two separate TV shows.

The 34-year-old star first met her screenwriter and producer husband David Caspe as a star in his critically acclaimed comedy series Happy Endings (2011 - 2013). She went on to date him till the end of the series.

After the couple tied the knot last year, she signed on as the lead of his new comedy series Marry Me, which he also created and executive produces.

The whole arrangement "sounds like a nightmare", but the couple have managed to make things work, she tells Life! with a laugh.

"When we met on Happy Endings, we did the show for a year before we started dating, so we just continued on from there.

"We're not in the United Nations, so it's not like our work is super serious. It's actually really nice to collaborate with him and it's a lot of fun," says the bubbly actress in a telephone interview.

In fact, they are not necessarily in each other's face all the time.

"He spends a lot of time in the writers' room while I'm always on the set. So sometimes, I end up seeing my co-star Ken Marino a lot more than I see David," Wilson says.

Even so, her reel and her real life often overlap so closely of late that it is almost impossible to differentiate the actress from her vivacious onscreen character in Marry Me - especially when the sitcom is said to be based on her relationship with Caspe.

In the show, she plays the fun-loving but neurotic Annie, who eagerly awaits the day that her boyfriend Jake (Marino) proposes. When he finally does, the two start planning their wedding, but not without the stress of issues such as the fear of sharing personal space with someone else forever getting in the way.

So, is there anything about their real-life relationship that the actress would feel uncomfortable with Caspe writing about?

She says: "There have not been any storylines that we weren't willing to tell. It's a sitcom so we won't do anything so dark and emotional.

"Definitely, a lot of my personality is in the character of Annie, and my husband felt open to beg, borrow and steal whatever he could. But there is a whole team of writers who all have their own take on relationships, so the show is a combination of everybody's relationships."

When they are not working on the show, the couple are busy taking care of their firstborn, a baby boy born earlier this month.

Life as a family has only just begun, but the actress can already tell who will be the harsher parent.

"David likes order. We had a little boy over for dinner the other night and he was stacking all the pillows into a fort, which is normal behaviour for any kid. I absolutely loved it, but I think David wanted to throw him out the window," she recalls with a laugh.

"We're both comedy writers, though, so I hope neither of us takes things too seriously."

Wilson, who has written comedic scripts for both TV and film, points out that at least when it comes to screenwriting, she and her husband try to stay as far away from each other as possible.

"I write plenty of stuff with my best friend June Diane Raphael and we always have a ball," she says of her screenwriter and producer friend, with whom she has co-written movies such as Bride Wars (2009), starring Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson, and the raunchy female comedy Ass Backwards (2013).

"David and I don't need to be writing partners too."

Marry Me debuts on RTL CBS Entertainment (StarHub TV Channel 509) next Friday at 9.30pm.

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